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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Digital boom has shocked the health care sector in several ways over the past decade. Gone are the days when large files were used to store, manage and retrieve patient information in a clinical institution. The widespread transition from the document based filing system to the EMR is one of the notable reforms in the healthcare sector.

An electronic medical record, more commonly known as EMR in the healthcare world, refers to the storage of patient information in digital format. These patient­-centric recordings are available at any time to authorized users, thereby, facilitating the clinical workflow. The healthcare team has real-time access to the entire medical history of patients, including details of diagnosis, treatment plans and post­-therapy assistance, drug allergies, test results, laboratory and more.

The implementation of the EMR is not as simple as it seems. This implies many challenges to implement it. Common challenges in achieving this includes costs, staff, and training, lack of use, data confidentiality, data migration, limited technical resources, interoperability and lack of communication. Hello doctor, solving these problems for the doctor, developing the EMR to digitize the medical records of patients in Pakistan. This will improve patient education and information about their health problems. The doctor will receive all the necessary information about the patient without asking him.

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