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Hello Doctor's mission is to deliver tomorrow’s health care today, build healthy communities for healthy Pakistan and connect with the world to improve health, globally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hello Doctor?

Hello Doctor is a digital platform committed to delivering quality healthcare services at the highest levels for individuals as well as corporate clients.

How do I attend my appointment?

Hello Doctor is a digital platform. Download the Hello Doctor app on your Apple or Android device.Sign up and choose a doctor and schedule an appointment in the given time slots. Your Hello Doctor, doctor will be in touch with you.

How long is a Hello Doctor appointment?

Our appointments are in 15- minute slots. (0% of our customers find that a 10- minute consultation is all they require to resolve their issue.

Who can use Hello Doctor?

Anyone who has downloaded the app on their device can use Hello Doctor. Remember we cater to everyone. So if you are a farmer concerned about your crops or livestock or if you are a pet owner we with Hello Vet and Hello Farmers are here for you also.

Can I request to see a male or female doctor?

Yes, at Hello Doctor we give you the power to choose the doctor you require for your particular condition.