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Hello Doctor's mission is to deliver tomorrow’s health care today, build healthy communities for healthy Pakistan and connect with the world to improve health, globally.

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Online Doctors Consultation

Telemedicine was originally created as a way to treat patients who were in remote locations, far from local health facilities or in areas where there was a shortage of health professionals. Although telemedicine is still used today to solve these problems, it is increasingly becoming an affordable medical care tool. Today’s connected patient wants to spend less time in doctor’s waiting room and receive immediate treatment for minor but urgent conditions when they need it. This expectation of cheaper care, combined with the unavailability of many overworked health professionals (in particular primary care providers) has led to the emergence of telemedicine companies.

Hello Doctor offers patients 24/7 access to medical care, with a doctor on call and a virtual clinic. It also provides access to clinical staff and additional specialists. Patients are starting to use technology to monitor their health. Simple medical devices for home use that can detect vital signs and diagnose ear infections, monitor glucose levels, or measure blood pressure allow patients to collect the medical information needed to help diagnose a doctor, without having to go to the doctor or clinic. And again, as more and more patients become proactive about using technology to manage their health, they will also be more open to other methods of getting help – ­thanks to tele­medicine!

The videoconferencing software for telemedicine is a revolution in the world of health.

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