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Hello Doctor's mission is to deliver tomorrow’s health care today, build healthy communities for healthy Pakistan and connect with the world to improve health, globally.

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Hello Doctor provides a digital tool with advanced algorithms that gives our doctors high quality clinical guidance, referral and treatment pathways. Our technology is the first of its kind in Pakistan making sure that Hello Doctor clinicians adhere to the latest NICE guidelines (UK) and provide the right advice or tests to patients when they require it.

The livestock subsector in Pakistan contributes to approximately 56% of value addition in agriculture sector and are a source of income for many Pakistanis. Hello Vets offers an effective method to quickly obtain a diagnosis and seek treatment for sick animals. We provide state of the art veterinary services to household pets and livestock. Give your animals the right healthcare with our experienced and registered vets.

Pakistan’s agriculture sector plays a central role in the economy as it contributes to 18.9% to GDP. The percentage of labour force concentrated in the farming sector is 42.3% of the total labour force of Pakistan. With increasing population there is an increase in the demand for agricultural products. Our experts provide information to landowners, farmers and people associated with agricultural industry. You can now be aware of the soil composition and what techniques can be used to improve the overall land productivity. We at Hello Doctor provide farmers with experts in plant pathology so they can get the right information

Your privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. So we at Hello Doctor provide you with HIPAA compliant video conferencing and military grade encryption calls. So you can now be at ease and discuss with your doctor your health concerns in a safe and secure space.

Our PMDC-certified doctors practice evidence based medicine, and are experienced and trained in providing you the correct advice by complying with the NICE guidelines through our virtual platform. Hello Doctor’s healthcare provider network is on hand to support you with medical advice, answer your questions and give you peace of mind. Select a date and time, then select either video chat or audio-only. If required, add notes and photographs in advance of your appointment. Then find a private spot, and talk calmly to a doctor. Our doctors assess and discuss your symptoms and also set follow ups