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Hello Doctor's mission is to deliver tomorrow’s health care today, build healthy communities for healthy Pakistan and connect with the world to improve health, globally.

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Amjad Mahmood
Group Chairman / CEO
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Specialty Group Chairman / CEO
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I have wasted a lot of money whenever I felt ill because costs for visiting a doctor varied and fuel costs were also making me concerned. Devoid of putting this much money, and efforts, my health deteriorated.

When my colleague recommended me Hello Doctor’s Virtual Clinic, I visited it as it was found in my area. The attendant in the clinic checked my vitals on spot and connected me to a PMDC-certified doctor who suggested me the treatment. By the grace of God, I feel better now.
Waseem Khan
I was having severe flu and it lasted for almost a month. I was a bit worried about it because I had to visit doctor on weekly and even on daily basis. But commuting to hospital and clinics was not at all helpful as my condition was worsening with every passing day.

It was then my friend recommended me Hello Doctor, which provides virtual clinic services to people. I, from the comfort of my home, downloaded the Virtual Clinic application and talked to one of their PMC-Certified doctor, who was very cooperative throughout. I would really recommend it to others.
Riza Ahmed


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