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Video Conferencing

For many patients, mobility issues prevent them from seeing their doctor when they need it. This is a common problem in geriatric patients and those who are disabled or too sick to move. Video conferencing between doctor and patients removes the barrier created by distance and geographic locations. Patient can be monitored remotely without requiring the patients to travel long distances. Professional help is sometimes required for non-­emergency conditions. Instead of wasting time going to a clinic, it can be much more convenient for the patients to connect to their doctor via video conference. Hospital visits can be quite stressful for patients with disabilities, movement disorders and psychiatric problems. To avoid stress, some exams can be done in a video­-conference format. Now the patient did not need to see the doctor for his daily consultation. High­-quality video conferencing enables rapid assessment through visual assessment.

Thanks to the Hello Doctor Dynamic app, patients feel more connected just because the doctor can see them and patients can also see the doctor. Patient privacy is always the most important concern in this regard. This is why we use videoconferencing, which encrypts end-to-end to guarantee a high level of security. This technology allows patients to access medical services more quickly.

The videoconferencing software for telemedicine is a revolution in the world of health.

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