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Hello Doctor's mission is to deliver tomorrow’s health care today, build healthy communities for healthy Pakistan and connect with the world to improve health, globally.

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Our qualified and certified doctors and therapists will provide you with honest medical advice based on NICE guidelines. Our doctors tell you the truth about what you need.

Getting better has never been this simple and easy. We refer you to a specialist, get your medications delivered and bring lab services to your doorstep.

Our HIPAA compliant platform connects you to our doctors who are available 24×7.

Our Doctors follow
NICE guidelines and Evidence Based Pathways (EBM)

Hello Doctor clinicians follow National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), UK, guidelines which provide evidence based pathways for specific medical conditions. Hello Doctor provides its doctors with online tools that include up-to-date advice, quality standards and information, which helps them make the right decisions and the right time.

Our doctors follow pathways for several conditions including monitoring patient’s blood pressure as well as helping them manage complications and providing personalised care.

We follow NHS (National Health Service, UK) standards and implement them in our standards of practice to provide our patients with the best quality care.


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See a doctor face- to- face without having to travel to the hospital or clinics.

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You can use your phone or tablet camera to share photos of a symptom with your doctor.

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Connecting through listening & understanding helps our doctors manage your health better.


Most Common Diseases

9 out of 10 people get exactly what they need in their first consultation.